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Corporate Financing

In the course of the restructuring of the corporation, the Behr group, German market leader in producing iceberg lettuce (among others) was completely refinanced. Before that, parts of the Behr group organization had been restructured with regards to earnings. The Swiss asset management company Patrimonium assumed almost all financial liabilities and additionally provided frsh liquidity to finance the upcoming season.

Consultancy Services

HANSE Consulting provided the following services:

  • Restructuring concept
  • Following the implementation of all restructuring measures, among others:
  • HR restructuring measures
  • optimizing the product range
  • selling all non capital employed

HANSE Consulting M&A provided the following services:

  • Looking for investors and contacting them
  • Organzing the due diligence
  • Supervising negotiations
  • Keeping track of closing conditions