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Company Sales and Acquisitions Are Not Phenomena of Our Time.

Entrepreneurs have always wanted to seize the opportunitity to enhance their business or to add the final touch to their life’s work by acquiring another business.

Many Experts Would Have Us Believe that to Successfully Sell a Company, You Need Access to Secret Information. What You Rather Need Is Experience.

Whoever assists entrepreneurs in making these strategic decisions has to know exactly how to achieve the goal of successfully selling a company. It comes down to taking the necessary steps early on and to do so proficiently as well as being able to assess the consequences of one’s own behavior at any time.

  • What happens during a due diligence examination?
  • How is the value of a business calculated?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of so-called asset deals?

Have a look at the Mergers & Acquisitions“ special issue of our customer magazine DER ERTRAG” if you would like to know more about the process of a company sale, the individual steps of such a transaction and the technical terms associated with it. The issue also includes some of the most important tips and tricks.

You will learn about how to find adequate buyers and sellers, how to organize a due diligence and what should be specified in a sales contract.

Mergers & acquisitions are always important, no matter the current state of the economy.